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about us.

who we are

"Are you two sisters?" Whenever people walked in our dorm room in 416 Harbin Hall at Georgetown University, they immediately noticed our matching bedspreads and assumed we were related. We are not. We just like to coordinate. Kelly grew up in Chicago and just prior to college had a room covered in blue tulips. Erin grew up in South Dakota and just before college had a room decorated in Mickey Mouse. Trust us, both rooms were ugly, and one was a bit scary (you decide). When the housing office threw us in the same room, we were both ready to part with our bedding. Erin entrusted Kelly with the task of picking the fabric - she went with a dependable Crate & Barrel (oh so Chicago) Marimekko green. We even had the coordinating bright pink sheets. People wondered about us.

Those people are now some of our closest friends, and they cannot believe we are still buying fabrics and coordinating them. Our husbands think we buy too many fabrics. At this point, we are starting to hide our fabric purchases from them (is there a fabric support group?). Our children now play with our college bedding - making tents and creating new universes. And, while we are still not related, we are sisters.

Our Process

Whenever we see butterflies, we think about our grandmothers. Grinny was always dressed to the nines. Rosie always wore aqua. Mary had the right earrings for each outfit. Dorothy put her eyebrows on the moment she woke up. Each of these strong women showed her true colors. Butterflies come in all shapes, colors, and personalities, and each is beautiful. Each maggie delaney dress and skirt style is named for a butterfly - from the dependable monarch to the soaring sailor. Kelly and Erin choose only fabrics they love, looking for a mix from sweet to funky. maggie delaney offers so many colorful fabrics that any girl can mix and match them to design a skirt or dress that shows her true colors.
Pictured: Erin on the left and Kelly on the right.
our values  

When we were in college, we had a thing for Oprah. Okay, we organized our class schedules around Oprah. One day, she taught us to "practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty." The Jesuits taught us a thing or two about social justice. And, oh yeah, we actually like and respect our parents. So, we have some good values, and we practice them. All maggie delaney garments are sewn in a production facility in rural South Dakota. The production facility is owned by women, and we really like them. Sometimes, when they are working really hard for us, we send them cookies -- does that count as a random kindness or a senseless beauty?


maggie delaney gives to charities that do good things for children and education.

about us.

maggie delaney lets you be the designer. Mix and match the fabrics to design your own dress, skirt, or accessory. Your custom made, expertly crafted maggie delaney garment is made in the United States and is shipped free to you within two weeks. learn more

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